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Sapphire Constellation Bangle

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Like the constellations of eye-catching stars that dotted the sky you gazed at as a kid, rings of sparkly faceted sapphire beads seemingly float around a coiled 14K gold filled band. Rekindle those days of wonder and amazement each time you put on your heavenly Sapphire Constellation Bangle.

Sapphire is polished and come in varying tones of bluish grays. Rings measure approximately 5/8” in diameter. Elliptical in shape, this semi-rigid bangle secures with a custom hook clasp and is available in 2 sizes- 7.5” and 8.25” in circumference. Made in USA but certainly out of this world!

Please note that all measurements are approximate and no two gemstones are alike, the color and size of these beads will vary slightly. 

Constellation bangles are also available with other stones– see other listings for availability & pricing. Want it in sterling silver? Click here to customize.

Due to the handmade nature, subtle variations in size and shape make each piece unique.

All jewelry is made to order. Make certain you are ordering the right size. Click here for how to measure your wrist. And please review our shipping policy & return policy before purchasing.